Straight from the Chalkboard!

Homemade Hard Ice Cream:

Single   /   Double   /   Triple

Premium Soft Serve:

Small    /   Large  

Water Ice:

Small    /     Medium   /     Large

Arctic Swirl:

Regular   /     Large


Regular   /   Large


Regular   /   Large

Floats Malts & Milkshakes:

One size for all (21oz)


Monster Shake!



Banana Split!

3 scoops & 3 sundae toppings of your choice

with banana whipped cream and cherries on top!


Toppings & Cones:


Waffle Cone & Bowls

Pretzel or Cookie Cones

Candy & Sundae Toppings

Cone Dip

Sprinkles & Peanuts


Cups & Cones is now offering specialty drinks!


Ice Cream Affogato!

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